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Back to school, back to her!

You can help the expensive back-to-school list disappear and equip moms to invest in their growth & goals this fall!

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Back to school, back to her!

It's that time of year.... back to school! It's also a time for single moms to invest in themselves!

We all know the fun of shopping for school supplies, finding out who your teacher will be, and getting back into a routine.

For single moms sending their kids back to school, it's also a time when they are able to focus on their growth and goals.

Your support is urgently needed. Your tax-deductible gift will:

  • Purchase school supplies for the kids in a mom-led family, so they are ready for a successful school year.
  • Alleviate a single mom's stress by purchasing expensive school supplies and backpacks.
  • Sponsor a single mom to invest in her growth by taking a Financial Literacy Education class, finding a new job through our Work Prep Service, participating in our Parent Class, and more!

Thank you for strengthening mom-led families and futures!