Charity work thrives off of dedicated, consistent givers image

Charity work thrives off of dedicated, consistent givers

We need you, as a sustaining giver, to be a part of the Emerge family!

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When you break down your annual generosity goals into bite size monthly gifts, you sustain our charitable work, month after month.

Your gift impacts the life of a mother like T. T was raised by her grandmother, who was a single mom to her and her brother

Repeating what she saw, she too was a single mom in her 20s. But she began to discover just how challenging it is to parent and she knew she needed some new skills and a big dose of patience. She asked for a referral from her child's pediatrician, and the doctor sent her to Emerge Mothers Academy! T has taken the time to learn how to be consistent with her child, and how to stabilize their life as the authority, no longer "acting like another child" she says. Someday T hopes to get married and raise her child and future children in a healthy 2 parent home.

YOU- are the wheels that make this possible! Will you help more moms like T?