Come alongside a single mother! Equip her to EMERGE as a confident woman and caring mom. image

Come alongside a single mother! Equip her to EMERGE as a confident woman and caring mom.

Your life-changing generosity gives us the capacity to alter the lives of single mothers and their children, two generations at a time!

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Do you remember the first time you heard "You're hired"? These are such exciting words to hear. At Emerge Mothers Academy we've observed that they are the most course-altering words for our moms to hear. They cause her face to turn upward. A smile sweeps across her, and her demeanor is uplifted. Our work-prep program is just one of the four main programs that we offer to women to help them regain their confidence.

Similarly, our parenting classes bring a set of tools to our mothers that make them feel like they're in-charge again. We believe that giving women constructive parenting skills makes them feel more secure in who they are. Parenting is hard, especially alone. If we can give these women the support and tools they need, we can change their entire future. Working, healthy adults, and well-parented children benefit us all, socially and economically.

Personal Development, Constructive Parenting, Health & Wellness, and Financial Independence

At Emerge Mothers Academy single moms have a opportunity to be involved in just one, or all four of our programs. Each and all of our programs work toward her best interests, and with her family's future in mind. We believe these mothers, in their healthiest and highest capacities, are instrumental in raising children. And we also believe in the confidence they can display to their children as they grow into leaders.